next year, i promise i'll do better.


Short & Tacky...


01: (Intro) Mr Oizo - Transsexual (Lorn Remix) (Toby's not even worth mentioning crap edit)
02: New Beat Generation - Suck The Beat
03: L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead
04: Booji Boy High - Doubleshaw
05: Jesse Rose & Sinden - Me Mobile (Duckbeats Ringtone Riddim)
06: Zander VT - Then And Before (Redshape Present Remix)

Golden oldies & S/S 2007-hits.


african vibes...

Arto Mwambe from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso... He nails it!
Natalie you will love it!

But I guess if you come from a place named Ouagadougou you don't really have a choice besides being brilliant.

Arto Mwambe - Noh Ngamebo

02:16, that's when the magic really starts kicking in. Pure gold.

what's the point then?

So it's fashionweek in Sthlm at the moment & I'm kinda glad that I'm leaving town tomorrow and wont have the option to drag my attention-craving carcass out to play/mate among the underfed hipsters.

Yesterday I catched the Cheap Monday show and it was cheap alright.
Cheap Monday has now officially become the equilavent to catalogueclothes for my generation. Except that I would much rather wear Ellos then their lame 90's "clubkid" inspired attire.
Getting drunk on Norrlands Guld on a boatdeck at the afterparty is another thing though, which I strongly approve of.

Today i walked down the stairs to Galleri Kleerup and inhaled (I say inhale because it felt a bit like a chamber slowly losing what little air it had left) the latest Nakkna pretentious-artstudent-going-haywire presentation of their springline.
But since that is exactly my cup of tea I must admit that I liked it. Statuesque ethereal models spread out in a bunker, what's not to like?

I liked this girl, and the whole why-won't-you-just-die-and-let-me-live-again-vibe that she sent out.


Syndrome down.

Back from the archipelago. Sea, sun, blueberrypie & half dead snakes (or snok as this poor little bugger is called).

So this is something for the comedown then:


02: Turzi - Alpes
03: Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Joakim Remix)
04: Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill (Ripperton Dub) / The Eraser (Outro)
05: Matthew Dear - Fleece On Brain
06: Depeche Mode - The Sinner In Me (Ricardo Villalobos Conclave Remix)



Michelle Pfeiffer told me to do it!, Okey?

TOBY SAYS: it's better to drink saft than to be sorry.

01: Golden Bug - Horses
02: Crossover - Flying Terrible Walrus
03: Tom Clark & Daniel Dreier - The Rising Beat (For Rise Only!)
04: Tomboy - Flamingo (Tomboy Remix)
05: Diskjokke & Lil’ Wolf - Not Another Brique In The Wall (Outro Edit)
06: Map Of Africa - Creation Myth
07: Dapayk Solo - Uma (Louderbach Remix)
08: Pier Bucci - Hay Conseulo (Original Edit)